Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaners Cleaning Tips

Every home today has a vacuum cleaner. It is a basic tool for keeping your home clean. With the vacuum cleaner we clean the floors, furniture, upholstery, drains, shelves and every place where dust and particles are accumulated.

Vacuuming the house is simple. Yet there are a few principles that can help make the work more effective. There are many different types of vacuum cleaners. The different types serve for different cleaning tasks. Some basic principles apply to all types of vacuum devices, and for all cleaning tasks.

Vacuuming keeps your home clean, but also extends the lifespan of your floors, carpets and furniture, and keeps the indoor air fresh and clean.

Here are the main basic tips as for how to efficiently use a vacuum cleaner.

Reduce the dirt coming into your home.

People who enter the house carry dirt on their shows. That dirt spread inside the house and add more work for the vacuum cleaner. There are two solutions for that. first, leave your shoes outside the house (very common habit in some cultures). Second, place doormats around entry points of your home where everybody can wipe off their shows.

If you own a pet, make sure to brush it and clean its paws before it enters the house. Pets often leave the dirt they bring in in hard-to-reach areas, and cleaning them before they enter the house will significantly reduce the vacuum work afterwards.

Keep the vacuum ready and at hand.

Cleaning up a mess immediately when it happens saves time and energy when executing the routine vacuuming later. If you have a cordless vacuum make sure it is constantly fully charged and ready for an immediate cleaning need.

Prepare the area before start vacuuming.

For an efficient work, it is advised to remove all obstacles from the area you want to clean, so you can do a continuous work without interruption. Also, make sure you pick up all small objects to prevent them from getting stuck in the vacuum, clog the hose or causing any other damage to the machine.

Use the right tool.

Vacuum cleaners come usually with several attachments for the different cleaning tasks. For an efficient cleaning, you need to use a different tool for bare floor than for upholstery or carpe. The attachment tools are especially designed to treat the different surfaces. Usually the owner's manual attached to the vacuum cleaner specifies which attachment to use for which surface.

Adjusting height.

For best suction and efficient cleaning, it is important to adjust the vacuum cleaner head to the height of the surface that is being cleaned. In some vacuums this adjustment is done automatically, but in most vacuums the adjustment should be done manually.

Crisscross vacuuming.

Dirt and debris is often stuck on carpets and other surfaces, in different angels, and is deep embedded. To vacuum that dirt only once, sometimes might not only leave the dirt, but rather stick it even harder and deeper. This is especially true with pet hair which might be stubborn. Therefore, for an effective vacuuming, you must going over the surface several times, from different directions. This will loosen up the dirt and eventually suck it up.

Make sure the bag or canister is not full.

Suction power will significantly reduce when the dirt bag or the canister of the vacuum cleaner is full. Also, the hose might clog. For an efficient cleaning, the dirt bag or canister should be empty when you start cleaning.

There are various ways to know whether the dirt bag or canister is empty. In some vacuum cleaners there is a "full bin" led indicator. In others, the canister is translucent, and you can see the level of dirt. Note, that in some vacuums it is impossible to see the level of dirt in the bag. In this case, and in general, it is advised to empty the bag or canister just before every cleaning job, to make sure it won't get too full before the job is done.

Keep brush roll clean.

The brush roll must be free of tangled hair and strings. A brush roll that is loaded with that kind of dirt wouldn't turn and wouldn't do the job. Remember that a stuck brush roll might burn its motor. Occasionally check the brush roll and cut away all dirt that it had accumulated. In most vacuums the brush roll is removable exactly for that purpose.

Keep filter clean.

Filters must be clean in order to remove allergens from the air and to keep powerful suction. Usually filters are rewashable under running water and are reusable. HEPA filters should be changed twice a year. Check owner's manual for filter maintenance instructions.

Start high.

Cleaning the floor should come last. Start cleaning higher places like ceiling fan blades, curtains, shelves, light fixtures and other above the floor places. When you dust these higher places, some dust and mess will get down to the floor. Thus, it would be wise to vacuum the floor last.


The best way to clean a stain off the floor or carpet is with a spot cleaner solution, and as fast as possible, when the stain is still new and before it dries. However, when it comes to vacuum cleaners, steam vacuum cleaners would efficiently remove stains. The steam kills bacteria and sanitizes the floor. It is effective on different hard floor surfaces, like wood, linoleum, ceramic tile and more.

Periodic Deep Cleaning.

With time, dirt gets embedded and stuck hard on the surface in a way that a regular routine vacuuming won't be to suck it out. It is advised to do a periodic deep cleaning, once or twice a year, of the various surfaces in the house, like floors and especially carpets. A deep cleaning, with shampoo or steam, will loosen up the embedded dirt and also will make the regular routine vacuum easier.

Hold retractable cord when rewinding it.

Some vacuum cleaners have auto rewind cord. By a push of a pedal the cord gets back to its compartment. It is very comfortable but you have to be careful. Sometimes the cord might get off its track and get stuck. In order to prevent that, just hold the cord before pressing the pedal and guide it back to its reel.

We hope these tips will make your vacuuming more efficient and effective. Good luck.