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Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed Lightweight Bagless Upright Vacuum Review

The Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed Upright Vacuum is easy to assemble and quite lightweight. Anybody can turn it on and use it. You will not find it too difficult to put together and use it for cleaning your room. Just a few simple steps and it's ready.

It is a powerful vacuum cleaner that comes with height adjustable floor nozzle. You can adjust nozzle’s height to reach various and difficult spots. Its hands-free startup and multiple attachment features make it one of the best vacuum cleaners available in the market today.

Easy to assemble

Most people have their toolkit ready when buying a new appliance because they need to insert screws in order to assemble the equipment. It will not be the case if you buy the Eureka NEU182A. There is no complicated assembling process and no need of tools at all. You get it as two-piece equipment: The body and a handle. You attach both pieces together and your vacuum cleaner is ready for operation. Put the 25-foot long cord plug into the electric socket and clean your room.

Capable of cleaning heavy debris

The Eureka NEU182A is equipped with a brush roll and dynamic motor. These two attachments aid the vacuum cleaner in removing and collecting various kind of heavy and stubborn debris. Its adjustable floor head allows you to use different settings for removing different kinds of debris from the floor. There is a yellow dial that you can switch to appropriate settings while cleaning. It will offer the best results for your efforts.

You can stretch the hose to clean the ceiling

If your property’s ceiling is dirty and messy, the Eureka NEU182A will help you in removing all the dirt from the ceiling, within minutes. You can detach its handle and hose to reach far corners such as ceiling corners, shelves, stairs, windows, and other areas in your property. Its handle can stretch up to 7 feet without any additional attachment and many buyers admire this particular feature.

You get it with an array of useful attachments

Just like the vacuum cleaner itself, Eureka has designed some innovative attachments to improve the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. It comes with four handy attachments. You get a 7” crevice tool to clean narrow areas perfectly. There is a dusting brush, a mini brush roll tool for cleaning stairs, and an additional attachment for upholstery. All in all, you get everything you need keep your house clean.

Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed Lightweight Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Great suction power
  • Easy to assemble and available with four useful attachments
  • Low maintenance
  • It can clean the ceiling


  • Eureka could have offered better quality hose with it.

Final Thoughts

If you check customer reviews, it will be rare to find negative comments. Although some experts say that the belt might break because it is not quite durable, no customer has complained about it. Therefore, you can consider it as a great choice of a vacuum cleaner.